Coronary CT Angiography

Coronary Computed Tomography (CT) Angiography is used for cardiac imaging, to produce a detailed picture of the heart and the blood vessels. Your doctor may ask for this to monitor the performance of your blood vessels after surgery, or to look for problems like aneurysms, blockages from blood clots or plaque, congenital heart or blood vessel problems. A CT heart screening can help spot potential problems before they cause symptoms as well.

CT angiography uses an iodine-based contrast material, which acts like a dye inside your blood vessels, so the scans show the movement of your blood through your blood vessels and heart. If your doctor has asked for CT angiography as a preventive measure, any problems discovered can be addressed before you ever realized there was a problem. If you need this type of imagining to identify the source of symptoms you’re already experiencing, CT angiography will pinpoint the problem for your cardiologist, so your treatment plan will be built on a complete understanding of your condition. A CT angiograph is an invaluable tool in the hands of a cardiac surgeon, as well, because it allows them to make an accurate surgical plan to treat you with as little risk as possible.

The experienced Level II Cardiac CT Certified radiologists at Desert Medical Imaging will provide your doctor or surgeon with fast, accurate results, to ensure you get the treatment you need.

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