What Can a Radiologist Do?

A radiologist is a medical doctor with specialized training and board certification. The radiologists at HALO Diagnostics (formerly Desert Medical Imaging) provide safe and effective modes of diagnosis, treatment, and pain management for many different conditions.

  • Safer Diagnostic & Investigative Procedures – Procedures like virtual colonoscopy provide patients with safer alternatives to traditional methods. Unlike a standard colonoscopy, a virtual colonoscopy doesn’t involve general anesthesia, and offers reduced risk of complications.
  • Safer Biopsies – Image-guided biopsies allow your radiologist to provide you and your doctor with extremely detailed information, without the pain, risk, and recuperation time of surgical biopsy or exploratory surgery.
  • Focal Laser Ablation – For certain kinds of tumors, focal laser ablation allows the radiologist to remove the tumor effectively, without using general anesthesia, and without the risks that come with open surgery. Healing time is short, and discomfort for the patient is often significantly reduced.
  • Pain Management – Image guidance also provides your radiologist a precise way to deliver pain medication to the pain source, which can give you more effective and longer-lasting relief.
  • Brain & Cardiac Treatment – Because of the precision your radiologist can achieve with guided imaging, they have the tools needed to perform angioplasty or place stents without open surgery, and the ability to treat certain types of brain disorder and trauma.