Meet Our Doctors

Dr. John F. Feller

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Dr. Steven R. Gunberg

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Dr. Christopher R. Hancock

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Dr. Adam J. Brochert

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Dr. Jonathan Blevins

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Dr. Jeffrey Herz

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More About Our Radiologists

The radiologists at HALO Diagnostics (formerly DMI) are all board-certified in diagnostic radiology, and each of them has also completed a subspecialty fellowship in a different field of radiology. This means that we’re able to provide our patients specialized care for their particular needs. From Vascular and Interventional Radiology to Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, Neuroradiology to Whole Body Imaging, our radiologists have the specialized training and experience to diagnose, and, in some cases, offer minimally invasive treatment for a wide variety of health conditions.

Because our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art care to patients from all over the world, our doctors don’t just practice radiology, they’re active participants in advancing their fields through research and publication, and providing education to fellow radiologists and patients, alike. HALO Diagnostics has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation in the medical community, and that reputation opens even greater opportunities to take part in research and development of more and better medical imaging techniques. Currently, our team is involved in investigational regenerative therapies that use stem cells collected from the patient’s own body to repair damaged or injured tissue.

HALO Diagnostics (formerly DMI) was the first outpatient clinic in the world to perform Focal Laser Ablation of a prostate tumor. Previously, removing a prostate tumor meant removing all or part of the prostate gland in an open surgical procedure. The patient would need a hospital stay and much more recovery time, and the risks for surgical complications and lasting side-effects like loss of urinary continence or erectile dysfunction would be much higher. Developing a means to effectively treat prostate tumors gave our patients a much safer path to being cancer-free.

The radiologists at HALO Diagnostics understand that educated patients who take an active role in their own care and treatment tend to have better outcomes. We’ll work with your own physician to get them the diagnostic information they need, without putting you through the rigors and expense of unneeded testing. We want you to understand why you need a specific test and what to expect, so we’ll always take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns. Once we know more about your condition, we’ll help you get up to speed on what your diagnosis means and treatment options that may be available to you.

Specialized Radiology For Best Patient Outcomes

Having a subspecialist read your images offers the best chance of catching any potential health problem earlier, because they bring in-depth knowledge and experience that a generalist can’t offer. Early diagnosis and treatment helps in any case, and in certain cases, for example lung cancer, it can dramatically increase your chances for returning to cancer-free life.

Whether your doctor has requested diagnostic imaging, or you need pain management or another type of minimally invasive treatment, our specialized radiologists and helpful staff will make the entire process easier, less confusing, and targeted to give you the best possible outcome. Call us for more information or to schedule your appointment at one of our Coachella Valley locations.