Employee Spotlight

Wes Jones
MR Technologist

Hi Team DMI,

I would like to take a moment to recognize the 20th Anniversary of Wes Jones’ service to DMI and our patients. In a world where loyalty, trust and an earnest commitment to quality patient care is so difficult to find; Wes Jones has gotten up every day (or at least four days a week :-)) and delivered for 20 years! As our lead MRI technologist, he has “painted Rembrandt’s” with our MRI scanners producing consistently great image quality, and at the same time, has delivered kind, warm care to our patients.

His technical, mechanical and patient ergonomic aptitude have been paramount to DMI’s ability to advance our research and development initiatives. These initiatives have had a geometric impact on healthcare world wide in a way that few of our staff would really understand. On the culinary front, Wes’s homemade salsa, and monkey bread have brought smiles and happiness to those of us fortunate to enjoy them over the years.

On a personal note, I want to thank Wes for his extraordinary loyalty and friendship. I will remember.

Please join me in extending an “Extraordinary Job Well Done for 20 Years!” to Wes,

Dr John Feller