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PET/CT Scans

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is an extremely valuable tool for early diagnosis of conditions like cancer and other tumor growth, and certain brain conditions. PET/CT scans can help doctors pinpoint these conditions much earlier than other types of medical imaging technology. That’s because PET scans show a molecular-level picture of the patient’s body, allowing doctors to visually identify living and dead tissue, and to see the difference between benign and malignant tissue. A PET/CT scan can detect problems long before they might show up on a CT scan alone, which shows an anatomical view, that may not reveal an abnormal growth until it has grown larger. Early diagnosis means early treatment, and a greatly increased chance for successfully restoring the patient to good health.

Most often, PET/CT scans are used in oncology to help assess a newly diagnosed cancer patient, form an effective treatment plan, and to monitor the patient’s progress throughout the course of treatment. Initially, your doctor may refer you for a PET/CT scan to pinpoint the location where the cancer began and identify or rule out any additional places where it may have spread. Using non-invasive PET and CT imaging in combination can also help reduce or eliminate the need for exploratory surgery or biopsies.

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