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The radiologists at Desert Medical Imaging use the knowledge they gain from treating patients to work toward innovative diagnostic techniques and treatments. Some of our radiologists also work with the companies who design and manufacture the imaging machines and systems we use, to fine-tune the performance and capabilities of future machines, so they offer radiologists more capabilities to work with. In order to keep you up to date about these advances and to offer ongoing patient education, we produce this informational blog. We hope you will check back regularly for the latest developments in medical imaging, as well as information you and your loved ones can use to live longer, healthier lives.

New Diagnostic Imaging Test for Prostate Cancer

By Adam Brochert, MD Many people have heard of PET scans to detect the presence and location of cancer. This test typically uses a type of radioactive sugar injected into a vein, which can then be detected by a machine that creates images of the person’s body while he...

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Medical Tourism Aids Local Economy

By Bernadette M. Greenwood, BSRS, RT (R)(MR)(ARRT) When you think about your medical care do you envision a tennis match, a few rounds of golf, or relaxing in a spa? Many patients do! And the Coachella Valley is one of the premier locations in the United States...

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Movement Disorders and the Role of Imaging

By Bernadette M. Greenwood, BSRS, RT(R)(MR) The passing of one of the greatest athletes in history, Muhammad Ali, has brought attention to the debilitating condition he suffered: Parkinson’s disease. This neurodegenerative disease affects as many as one million...

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PET/CT: Not a CAT-Scan for Your Pet

By Bernadette M. Greenwood, BSRS, RT (R) (MR)(ARRT) and Adam Brochert, MD PET/CT is an acronym that stands for “positron emission tomography/ computed tomography.” It is a combination of PET and CT (CAT scan) which combines the best of both worlds in terms of...

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Concussion: It’s More than a Movie!

By Christopher Hancock, MD and Bernadette M. Greenwood, BSRS, RT (R)(MR) Recent media attention has been paid to the serious risk of traumatic brain injury in National Football League players. An upcoming lm featuring Will Smith portrays the dramatic revelations of...

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